Corporate Philosophy

With our dreams and our desire to take on new challenges, we are creating new kinds of airport shops so that all customers can feel the highest possible level of satisfaction.

We of Fa-So-La, as a one of the companies in the Narita International Airport Corporation (NAA) Group that is aiming to be one of the world's leading airports, recognize that shopping is one of the pleasures of travel. We are looking at things from the customer's perspective and are offering store environments, good merchandise and great service in the pursuit of satisfaction that exceeds expectations. While enjoying the trust of all parties, including our customers, clients and shareholders, we are creating new kinds of airport shops based on our own ideas, to add value to Narita International Airport and make a social contribution.

Management policy

1Putting the customer first

We always look at things from the customer's point of view and offer food and services that will satisfy them.

2Trying new approaches

We are not afraid to aim for high goals and to use our own ideas to create the kinds of shops that will give our customers a sense of excitement and joy.

3With sincerity and the spirit of service

In our business, we always act in a way that will maintain the trust of our customers, clients, shareholders and all other people whom we come in contact with.

4Being a company in which all the employees can work with a smile on their face and a spring in their step

We are creating a great corporate culture where employees raise each other higher and where employee growth becomes company growth.

CS promotion policy

Fa-So-La SMILE ~with a sense of gratitude to our customers ~

"Thank goodness for Fa-So-La!" Wearing our Fa-So-La SMILE, we hope that our customers will shop for great merchandise in a nice store environment and begin their travels on a high note. "Have a nice trip!"

  • 1Create a store environment and offer merchandise that will both exceed customers' expectations
  • 2Smile and greet customers, and give them proper information about the merchandise
  • 3Quickly and politely respond to customer queries and inquiries