Corporate Information

Sense of Excitement Preceding Shopping
and the Satisfaction Derived

NAA Retailing Corporation
President & CEO

KANZAKI Toshiaki

We were founded with the privatization of Narita International Airport Corporation (NAA) in 2004 and began operating duty-free shops as Fa-So-La. Buoyed by the booming inbound market in recent years, we have achieved ground-breaking growth as an airport shopping retailing company and, today, we generate more than 50% of the share of retail revenue at Narita Airport. Airports are the link between a nation and its counterparts around the world and, at the same time, they are portals linking us to the unfamiliar. We deliver a sense of excitement and satisfaction that transcends the boundaries of shopping so that travelers can enjoy a greater feeling of euphoria in those moments preceding their exciting journey and set off with beaming smiles of joy. Fa-So-La remains committed to constantly improving its supporting role in the enjoyment of travel.

Committed to finding new ways
to bring joy to all of our customers.