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About Fa-So-La

Fa-So-La operates more than 80 shops, mostly duty-free stores in the passenger terminals at Narita International Airport. It also operates two stores in airport-related facilities at Narita and one store in the international terminal at Haneda Airport.
We want you to begin your travels on a high note, spending quality shopping time just before your departure. "Have a nice trip!" is our policy.

What does "duty-free goods" mean?

Duty-free goods are products that you buy at the price they are when they are imported into the country, before any taxes are added.
Almost all of the goods sold in duty-free shops are sold in the state they would be before being imported into Japan, at a point where no duties have been applied to them. After they are imported, they are given duty-free treatment because they will be taken back out of the country again. This is why you can buy them at a low price.

Answers to your questions concerning duty-free goods and duty-free shops!

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About the shops

What really sets Fa-So-La apart from other shops is that we operate specialized duty-free shops that focus on categories like cosmetic/perfume or alcohol/tobacco. Our staff have a wealth of specialized knowledge and can recommend the product that best suits you, from our extensive line-up. At our specialized alcohol/tobacco stores, we have a tasting counter where you can try before you buy, to make sure you purchase the brand of alcohol that you like. Why not try first?

About the brands we handle

We have many brand boutiques that represent the fashion houses of the world. Why not spend some time within these idyllic and luxurious shops where we offer the very best in high-quality goods and services. We handle the following brands.

  • Cartier
  • Salvatore Ferragamo

About the Fa-So-La duty-free pre-ordering site

At Fa-So-La we also have a duty-free pre-ordering site. The site has an extensive lineup of some 50 brands of cosmetics and perfumes, and over 3,000 items of alcohol, tobacco, food products and others. Use the website to shorten your shopping time, so that you have more time to relax before your departure.

Special features of the Fa-So-La duty-free pre-ordering site

Get a further 5% discount off the duty-free price when you use the pre-ordering site. You'll be able buy duty-free products at better prices. Since you can buy the products you want without any hassles, many of our customers have said great things about this site.

* Some products are excluded from this discount.