Just take a look and you'll have no problems pre-ordering at all! Special feature on Japanese souvenirs popular with people who shop at Fa-So-La stores.

Just take a look and you'll have no problems pre-ordering at all! Special feature on Japanese souvenirs popular with people who shop at Fa-So-La stores.

This time, the Fa-So-La has grouped its carefully selected and highly recommended Japanese souvenirs into 3 categories: confectionery, electrical appliances, and alcohol!
Let's have a look at them.
"It's my first business trip overseas, so what kind of souvenir should I get for them?"
"What kind of souvenir would make them happy?" "What kinds of things do people overseas like?"
These kinds of questions can be a real headache!
Have a look at these pages, and I'm sure that you'll find just the souvenirs that you're looking for!

Food products

People all over the world will tell you that Japanese confectionery is truly delicious.
In some places, these are luxury products. On this page, Fa-So-La introduces 6 really popular souvenirs. Why don't you check it out!

Tokyo Banana

Box of 8 ¥953
Box of 12 ¥1,429

Tokyo Banana, the great Tokyo souvenir, is wonderful souvenir of Japan. Since its debut in 1991, Tokyo Banana has been incredibly popular.
It is loved around the world as one of the great souvenirs of Japan.
Soft, fluffy sponge-cake fingers filled with sweet, banana-flavored custard cream. A product that will please everyone, in Japan or overseas.

BeRNE Valentine Mille-feuille

Box of 5 ¥550
Box of 10 ¥1,200

BeRNE is a Western-style confectioner with a long history as the first producer of chocolate-coated classic French mille-feuille pastry in Japan.
Valentine Mille-feuille is just a tiny bit more suitable for grown-ups.
Enjoy these in five flavors: rum, banana, brandy, sake and plum wine. On those hot summer days, cool these down in the refrigerator and then enjoy them even more!

Shiroi Koibito

White Box of 18 ¥1,200
White Box of 24 ¥1,200

People ask us, "Aren't Shiroi Koibito cookies a souvenir of Hokkaido? "No, not at all! Shiroi Koibito cookies are incredibly popular as a Japanese souvenir in their own right.
We see a lot of customers at Fa-So-La bulk-buy 10 or more boxes of Shiro Koibito cookies at a time.
They're incredibly popular, especially among visitors from China. Normally, you would have to go all the way to Hokkaido to buy them, so we're sure that they will make a wonderful souvenir.



Otabe are a famous souvenir of Kyoto, and offer a range of flavors. Very popular as a souvenir to take overseas, because you can enjoy 3 sweet flavors at the same time: adzuki red-bean, matcha green tea and soft mochi rice-cake. One of their charms is that the makers of otabe bring out a new flavor in each of the four seasons. If you are looking for affordable Japanese confectionery souvenirs, then we recommend these.

Hiyoko fresh pack

Box of 9 ¥1,000
Box of 14 ¥1,500

These Hiyoko (chicks) are a Japanese souvenir with a long history behind them. Since their creation in 1912, they haven't changed, either in shape or flavor. These little baby-chick shaped cakes are so cute! People overseas will love them. The sweetness of the yellow filling. Their unique flavor that comes from the use of Japanese flour...enjoy!

ROYCE' Chocolate ganache assortment


ROYCE' chocolate ganache, highly regarded as a souvenir from Hokkaido.
Chocolate blending with lashings of rich Hokkaido cream to create a rich, luxurious flavor. People overseas say that Japanese chocolate is milky and delicious.
We invite you to try this chocolate smooth as silk that just melts in your mouth.

Electrical appliances

To people overseas, the words "Made in Japan" on an electrical appliance are a status symbol. We are told that when some people give electrical appliances to others as souvenirs, they also give them the receipt as well! On this page, we introduce 5 electrical appliances that are particularly popular as souvenirs overseas. You can use some of these on board aircraft, so they are worth checking out!


Headphones are a popular electrical item at Fa-So-La stores, among overseas visitors and Japanese alike. Recently, noise-canceling headphones that block out external noise have gained popularity. You can buy them and then use them straight away on your flight, instead of the headphones they give you to use. Why not upgrade with new headphones before you depart?

Rice cookers

A lot of Japanese will be surprised to hear that more visitors from overseas than you might think buy Japanese rice cookers to take home as souvenirs. This is particularly true among visitors from Asia (particularly China) where they eat rice as a staple food. We also recommend rice cookers to Japanese who are going to live overseas for an extended period.

Beauty electrical appliances

Beauty electrical appliances that bear the words "Made in Japan" are really popular among women overseas. These products are really well perfected, and they are packed with that refined technology that "Made in Japan" is all about. They are very popular among people who have a strong aesthetic sense. It seems that electric toothbrushes are becoming increasingly popular.

Health equipment

Japanese health equipment has a high degree of precision, which makes it trusted among people overseas. Particularly in China, South Korea and in other Asian countries where age are respected in the local culture, Japanese health equipment is a popular gift for senior citizens. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a present. Many people buy health equipment to use themselves to stay in shape.


Japanese video and digital cameras are popular the world over. They are popular not only because of their high quality but because of their stylish design and high degree of functionality. Many people buy compact digital cameras instead of instant cameras. We have the latest in Japanese cameras. Please feel free to drop by and think about replacing your old model.


Following in the footsteps of the worldwide Japanese food boom, it is the turn of Japanese sake and other type of liquor from Japan to ride a wave of popularity! People overseas are waking up to the fact that Japanese varieties of alcohol go really well with cheese, and that cold sake is fun to drink in a wine glass. In this page, we will introduce 5 varieties of Japanese alcohol that will make wonderful souvenirs to give to people overseas. Why not give a gift of the taste of Japanese tradition to people in the countries you visit!

Kikuhime Daiginjo


Since it first went on sale in 1968, Kikuhime has continued to create circles that appreciate ginjo sake for personal consumption and enjoyment. The refined taste of daiginjo is further enhanced with a rich flavor through careful aging. Enjoy the unique mature aroma and mellow flavor of this delightful sake.

Hakkaisan Junmai Ginjo sake


Hakkaisan Junmai Ginjo is a pure junmai-class of sake that has an elegant flavor and a crisp, dry taste. This sake is made from highly polished rice that is the best for sake brewing, to create a junmai-class of sake that you will never grow tired of. Enjoy the rich, mellow flavor of the rice.

Daiginjo Urakasumi sake


Daiginjo Urakasumi sake has the soft, graceful, fruity aroma of ginjo sake that brewed by low-temperature fermentation.
Winner of the Spring 2015 All-Japan Sake Contest and many other awards, this is a truly noble sake! Drink it cooled to around 10 degrees C, to enjoy it at its best. Try it in your favorite wine glass.

Asahi Shuzo
Dassai Beyond


"Dassai" sake, a masterpiece of the Asahi Shuzo brewery.
That's what Dassai Beyond sake represents. Aiming to achieve a quality that no other sake made in the junmai daiginjo style has ever been able to achieve, this sake is the product of over 10 years of careful thought and development.
This is currently the highest quality sake made by the Asahi Shuzo brewery, and is the result of Asahi's efforts to make an even better product. Born of the imagination and passion of the people at Asahi Shuzo. This is a sake that can hold its head high anywhere in the world!

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