Corporate Information

Creating Shopping for the Future
from a Customer Perspective

NAA Retailing Corporation
President & CEO


In 2014 as we approached the 10th anniversary of the establishment of NAA Retailing Corporation, we emerged as a new business venture coinciding with the privatization of Narita International Airport Corporation (NAA), and began trading as FaSola in July 2004. Originally inheriting 10 existing stores when Fa-So-La first began, the revenue from the more than 80 shops, including seven new stores which opened in Terminal 3 in 2015, was 22 times larger than when it first began. Airports are the constant focus of dreams and aspirations. Because of the special importance of airports, we have a single-minded commitment to pursuing shopping possibilities to put a smile on the faces of our customers and leave them with a feeling of excitement. Looking to 2020 and beyond. FaSoLa will continue to move boldly forward sharing the same view of the future as our customers. We promise you will be delighted!

Customer appreciation has been and always will be, our focus.