A lineup that includes Japanese fashion brands popular the world over.
We invite passengers who are searching for souvenirs to visit our store, not only for fashion items but also for premium confectionery.
The Japanese word kiraboshi (beautiful stars) is where the name "STARS" comes from.
Together with the FaSoLa STARS TAX FREE store that is right next door, the selected brands on display sparkle like the beautiful stars that they are!


Make a purchase of ¥20,000 or more in 「FaSoLa STARS TAX FREE」 to get a Original clear bottle!
Only while stocks last.

Ground Y

Ground Y propose a new potential of fashion through Yohji Yamamoto Inc./creative team.
Introducing a new view of ageless,genderless style by bringing multifaceted.

  • Coach Jackets

    Coach Jackets

    TAX-free price 15,300 yen

    Nylon coach jackets featuring basic and easy-to-wear patterns, with designer Yohji Yamamoto's inverted "YOHJI YAMAMOTO" signature logo in shadowed text, printed on the back.



    TAX-free price 7,200 yen

    The jackets are finished with a printed graphic that designer Yohji Yamamoto has playfully flipped his "YOHJI YAMAMOTO" signature that he wrote for Ground Y.


To celebrate the opening of the store, a limited number of original notebook or lookbook will be offered as gift to passengers who buy Ground Y products.
Only while stocks last.


HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE is a brand which has a new concept made possible by the development of Issey Miyake's original pleating technology and proposes new clothing for a contemporary man's modern lifestyle.
The clothes are comfortable, easy to care for, and lightweight.

  • BASICS Zip-up Blouson [blouse jackets]

    BASICS Zip-up Blouson [blouse jackets]

    These zip-up blousons are comfotable, easy to carry and lightness.
    It blends in with any lifestyle scenes.


A bag brand based on the revolutionary concept and production method in which an infinite range of forms are possible by combining the small pieces.
By using small interlinking triangles as the basic structural elements, the flat surface that they form can change and become 3-dimensional when the bag is used.The bags bring beauty, pleasure and surprise born by chance to the user, and at the same time have practicality for every aspect of life.First sold by Pleats Please Issey Miyake in 2000, this brand started in the fall collection of 2010. While continuing his research, Issey Miyake continues to explore new possibilities through his own engineering approach.



These back packs are perfect not only for everyday use but on vacations and other instances where you have a lot of luggage. In the top of the bag there is a pocket for holding small items. Inside the bag there are pockets with fasteners that can store valuables, as well as cushioned pockets that can hold personal computers or tablet devices.

Onitsuka Tiger

Onitsuka Tiger was created as a sports shoe brand in 1949.
As a pioneer brand in sports shoes, it was actively involved in new ideas and technology until 1977.
In 2002 the brand sought a more refined image and was reborn as a sports fashion brand. Its shoes, originally for use in competition, were updated for urban use, and became well-loved fashion items.
Onitsuka Tiger's traditional design details and fashion approach can be seen in the newly designed clothing, footwear and bags, which express the brand's commitment.
Support for the brand's creations extends beyond national borders. Today, Onitsuka Tiger is recognized as a global brand originating in Japan.



TAX-free price 12,000 yen

The classic Mexico66 line that typifies the Onitsuka Tiger brand.


K. UNO is Japan's largest custom-made jewelry brand.
The company produces some 40,000 designs per year, ranging from the simple to the highly individualized.
In its Japanese workshops, the company employs around 150 craftspeople whose skills have been developed though the custom-made manufacturing process. This is the largest workforce of its kind in Japan.
The company is totally dedicated to the ethos of Made in Japan. There are no compromises in any of the manufacturing stages, in the pursuit of both comfort and beauty.

To celebrate the opening of the store, a limited number of Diamond Nail will be offered as gifts to passengers who buy K. UNO products.

To celebrate the opening of the store, a limited number of Diamond Nail will be offered as gifts to passengers who buy K. UNO products.


I want to collect character goods that I can secretly feel proud of.
Even though I am not a child, I want to wear "playful" things but with good fashion sense.
This jewelry brand was created with this very thought in mind.
We invite you to enjoy authentic character jewelry that can only be created by skilled craftspeople who are dedicated to the creation of detail that grownups expect.


ISHIYA GINZA is the first new brand to be launched outside of Hokkaido, from ISHIYA, which has become well known through its “Shiroi Koibito” confectionery created in 1947. ISHIYA GINZA offers the exclusive products and which emphasizes the experience and expertise it has accumulated throughout its history and the enduring affection for Hokkaido.



    TAX-free price 12 pcs. (1 flavor × 12 pcs.) 1,200 yen

    Saqu Assortment
    18 pcs. (6 flavors × 3pcs.) 1,800 yen
    30 pcs. (6 flavors × 5pcs.) 3,000 yen
    48 pcs. (6 flavors × 8 pcs.) 4,800 yen

    Featuring chocolates of different flavors sandwiched between colorful langue de chat biscuits, the Saqu line has inherited the DNA of Shiroi Koibito. The light, crisp langue de chat biscuits, which provide a pleasant, melty mouth-feel, are the fruit of ISHIYA’s long expertise. The batter, which comes in six flavors, is baked in an oven with careful temperature management. Each unique flavor enhances the interplay of flavors between the chocolate and the langue de chat biscuits.

  • Sitoli GATEAU Hazelnut

    Sitoli GATEAU Hazelnut

    TAX-free price 6 pcs. 1,800 yen

    Made with butter, white chocolate, and cheese powder made from Hokkaido fresh milk as a hidden flavor. Enjoy the rich aroma of candied nuts and the moist texture.

pocky premiere classe

Pocky is a global brand that represents Japan and is sold in over 30 countries and territories around the world.
Share the happiness with friends, family and lovers!

Pocky Premiere Class

Pocky Premiere Class

TAX-free price 600 yen

The Pocky Premiere Class is positioned at the pinnacle the Pocky brand and is a slightly more sophisticated Pocky that would be appropriate for travel in the First Class cabin.

The concept is "the highest class of rich flavor" and places a premium on the sense of integration of the characteristics of Pocky (its chocolate and its pretzel stick).
The finish of this product is the deep flavor that is a harmony between cacao, milk and other rich ingredients.
We sell this highest class of Pocky to people from around the world — available only at Narita Airport.

The chocolate Pocky features a harmonious blend of the rich milk chocolate with the full-bodied flavor of cocoa pretzel.
Only milk from Hokkaido is used in the milk chocolate. The milky pretzel has a wonderful texture and uses Dutch cocoa powder for a rich flavor.

<Green tea>
The green tea Pocky features a harmonious blend of Uji green tea chocolate with the full-bodied flavor of chocolate pretzel.
The green tea chocolate is a form of white chocolate, and only uses milk from Hokkaido.
The high-quality tea (that is used in Uji green tea and in tea ceremonies) creates a strongly bitter-sweet chocolate and the pretzel uses Dutch cocoa powder for a rich flavor.

To celebrate the opening of the store, purchasers of Pocky Premiere Class will receive an original fan but numbers are limited.

To celebrate the opening of the store, purchasers of Pocky Premiere Class will receive an original fan but numbers are limited.
Only while stocks last.